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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Target version
1261 LTTng-modules Bug New Normal Missing filename field on first openat() syscall Actions
1244 LTTng-tools Bug Resolved Normal lttng clear hangs on empty and active session Actions
1179 Babeltrace Bug Resolved Normal Crashes when using lttng-live with a per-pid session in Babeltrace 1.5 Actions
1240 Babeltrace Bug Resolved Normal Can't write plugins solely with `--enable-python-plugins` Francis Deslauriers Babeltrace - Babeltrace - stable 2.0 Actions
1231 Babeltrace Bug Resolved Normal AddressSanitizer detects an global buffer overflow when we iterate over plugin .so descriptors Babeltrace - Babeltrace - stable 2.0 Actions
1236 Babeltrace Bug New Normal SIGTRAP in glib found during fuzzing Babeltrace - Babeltrace - stable 2.0 Actions
1225 Babeltrace Bug On pause Normal src.ctf.lttng-live: `sessions` query error reporting Babeltrace - Babeltrace - stable 2.0 Actions
1222 Babeltrace Bug New Normal src.ctf.lttng-live: reading two per-pid traces does not emit messages Babeltrace - Babeltrace - stable 2.0 Actions
268 Babeltrace Feature Invalid Normal Add equal/compare function for bt_ctf_iter Actions
1206 LTTng-tools Bug New Normal live per-pid channel with short lived app becomes unusable Actions
1190 LTTng-UST Bug Resolved Normal lttng ust statedump unreliable when used with taskset Actions
1096 Babeltrace Bug New Normal Babeltrace takes 100% CPU and 100% mem reading a malformed trace Actions
1181 LTTng-tools Bug New Normal Deadlock in session daemon and consumer for short lived apps in live per-pid Actions
1130 LTTng-tools Bug Resolved Normal Possible event name duplication using --probe and --function Actions
1113 LTTng-modules Bug Resolved Normal Ringbuffer looping when kernel pagefault event and userspace callstack context enabled Francis Deslauriers Actions
1107 LTTng-modules Bug Resolved Normal Null pointer dereference on boot with built-in lttng-modules Actions
1087 LTTng-UST Bug Resolved Normal Python Bindings are not removed on make uninstall on Ubuntu 16.04 Actions
1075 LTTng-tools Bug Won't fix Normal Filters tests failing with Babeltrace 1.2.1 and LTTng-Tools master Actions
1073 LTTng Bug New Normal Filtering test cases failing Actions
319 Babeltrace Bug Resolved Normal Iteration to the end of the trace followed by a seek_begin returns a null pointer on reading Actions
1066 LTTng-tools Feature New Low Add option for lttng-destroy to delete the trace folder LTTng - Wishlist Actions

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