Latest projects

  • Common Trace Format (06/05/2012 05:11 PM)

    The Common Trace Format (CTF) is proposed as a trace format that suits the needs of the embedded, telecom, high-performance and kernel communities.

  • LTTngTop (02/16/2012 09:53 PM)

    A small top-like utility using tracing to gather different metrics

  • Userspace RCU (02/09/2012 08:59 PM)

    Userspace RCU synchronization library

  • Website (02/09/2012 08:38 PM)

    To report bugs, missing items or features on the lttng.org or bugs.lttng.org websites

  • LTTng Kernel Modules (02/07/2012 05:22 PM)

    Kernel tracer modules