Bug #428 » 0001-Fix-remove-consumer-health-poll-update-on-startup.patch

David Goulet, 01/29/2013 12:33 PM

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* Since the consumer thread can be spawned at any moment in time, we init
* the health to a poll status (1, which is a valid health over time).
* When the thread starts, we update here the health to a "code" path being
* an even value so this thread, when reaching a poll wait, does not
* trigger an error with an even value.
* Here is the use case we avoid.
* +1: the first poll update during initialization (main())
* +2 * x: multiple code update once in this thread.
* +1: poll wait in this thread (being a good health state).
* == even number which after the wait period shows as a bad health.
* In a nutshell, the following poll update to the health state brings back
* the state to an even value meaning a code path.
* Pass 2 as size here for the thread quit pipe and kconsumerd_err_sock.