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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Target version
1113LTTng-modulesBugNewNormalRingbuffer looping when kernel pagefault event and userspace callstack context enabledFrancis Deslauriers
1112BabeltraceBugNewNormalVariantField: ValueError: Invalid tag provided.
1111LTTng-modulesBugNewNormalSleeping function called from invalid contextLTTng - 2.10
1110LTTng-toolsBugNeeds feedbackNormalFork() test 12 from Linux Test Project fails when traced with userspace events; events are miscounted
1109LTTng-USTBugNeeds feedbackLowFork() test 9 from Linux Test Project fails when traced with userspace events
1108BabeltraceBugNewNormalCompiler warning: use of possibly-uninitialized variable
1105LTTng-toolsBugNewNormalThe trigger API should warn the client when an unsupported condition is being usedLTTng - 2.10
1104LTTng-toolsBugNewNormallttng-sessiond's new notification subsystem uses eventfd() which is only available since Linux 2.6.22LTTng - 2.10
1103LTTng-toolsBugNewNormallttng-sessiond reports an unknown kernel channel being removed on shutdownJonathan Rajotte JulienLTTng - 2.10
1102LTTng-toolsBugNewNormalTrigger conditions are not evaluated on subscriptionLTTng - 2.10
1101LTTng-toolsBugNewNormalChannel position sampling should be disabled for lttng-modules pre-2.10Jonathan Rajotte JulienLTTng - 2.10
1100LTTng-USTFeatureNewNormalAdd (possibly symbolic) event whenever blocking occurs due to excessive eventsLTTng - Wishlist
1099LTTng-toolsBugNeeds feedbackNormalChannel monitoring timer is not saved by the lttng save commandJonathan Rajotte JulienLTTng - 2.10
1096BabeltraceBugNewNormalBabeltrace takes 100% CPU and 100% mem reading a malformed trace
1094BabeltraceBugNewNormalBabeltrace Web page documentation (man page) link broken
1092LTTng-toolsBugNewNormalChannel switch timers don't seem to be honoredLTTng - 2.10
1088BabeltraceBugNewLowlttng-live can leak some streams
1086BabeltraceBugConfirmedNormalCompilation warning regarding signedness of ctf_clock offset_s and offset in combination with get_unary_unsigned
1085BabeltraceBugNewNormalsegfault with Python bindings when accessing the trace_collection from an Event
1084BabeltraceFeatureNewNormalexpose the library version to the Python API
1083LTTng-toolsFeatureNewNormallttng-load and save are somewhat schizophrenic
1082BabeltraceFeatureNewHighbabeltrace could allow multiple readers in live modeBabeltrace - Babeltrace 2.0
1080BabeltraceBugConfirmedNormalSegfault on bt_ctf_get_field_list for sequence element
1079BabeltraceBugNewNormalBT 2.0 tries to load duplicate plugins in .so and .la formatsBabeltrace - Babeltrace 2.0
1077BabeltraceBugNeeds feedbackNormalctf_visitor_construct_metadata: missing trace declaration
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