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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Target version
1138BabeltraceBugNewNormalLive session listing return malformed url
1137LTTng-toolsFeatureConfirmedNormalVersion handshake for lttng-consumerd and lttng-sessiondLTTng - 2.11
1136LTTng-toolsBugConfirmedNormalSaved session generated from lttng 2.8 fail to load on lttng 2.10
1135LTTng-toolsBugNeeds feedbackNormalContexts are applied to all channels without domain consideration
1134LTTng-toolsBugNewNormallttng-consumerd: hashtable.c:383: lttng_ht_add_unique_u64: Assertion `node_ptr == &node->node' failed.
1133LTTng-toolsFeatureNewNormalMetadata regeneration does not have to be "destructive"LTTng - 2.11
1132LTTng-USTBugNewHighFails to build with Crosscompiler
1128LTTng-toolsBugConfirmedNormalContexts can be added multiple times to a kernel channelLTTng - 2.8
1127LTTng-toolsFeatureConfirmedNormalregression/tool/filtering use local gen-ust-event instead of tests/utilsLTTng - Refactoring
1126LTTng-toolsFeatureNeeds feedbackNormalAnalyse and refactor interaction based on pipe and converge toward a solution that will result in a convergence in codeLTTng - Refactoring
1125LTTng-toolsBugConfirmedNormalFunctions added to lttng-ctl as part of the 2.10 release cycle are undocumentedJérémie GalarneauLTTng - 2.10
1124LTTng-toolsBugNeeds feedbackLowlttng-sessiond saves empty domain stubsLTTng - Refactoring
1121BabeltraceBugNewNormalBabeltrace 2.0-pre reports negative timestamp with ctf-writer traces
1118BabeltraceBugNewNormalBad generated Makefile in doc/api when Doxygen is not installedBabeltrace - Babeltrace 2.0
1117LTTng-toolsBugNewNormallttng-relayd should use specific major.minor versions for relay-consumer and relay-viewer protocols
1116LTTng-toolsBugNewNormalMI XSD minor version should have been bumped once or twice (?) between tools 2.8 and 2.10
1115LTTng-toolsBugNewNormalLTTng sessiond should accept different agent minor version number
1114LTTng-toolsBugNewNormalPossible invalid discarded events countLTTng - 2.10
1112BabeltraceBugNewNormalVariantField: ValueError: Invalid tag provided.
1109LTTng-USTBugNeeds feedbackLowFork() test 9 from Linux Test Project fails when traced with userspace events
1108BabeltraceBugNewNormalCompiler warning: use of possibly-uninitialized variable
1105LTTng-toolsBugNewNormalThe trigger API should warn the client when an unsupported condition is being usedLTTng - 2.10
1104LTTng-toolsBugNewNormallttng-sessiond's new notification subsystem uses eventfd() which is only available since Linux 2.6.22LTTng - 2.10
1102LTTng-toolsBugIn ProgressNormalTrigger conditions are not evaluated on subscriptionLTTng - 2.10
1100LTTng-USTFeatureNewNormalAdd (possibly symbolic) event whenever blocking occurs due to excessive eventsLTTng - Wishlist
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