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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Target version
1096BabeltraceBugNewNormalBabeltrace takes 100% CPU and 100% mem reading a malformed trace
1095Userspace RCUBugNewNormalurcu's configure script mangles variables that it shouldn'tMichael Jeanson
1094BabeltraceBugNewNormalBabeltrace Web page documentation (man page) link broken
1092LTTng-toolsBugNewNormalChannel switch timers don't seem to be honoredLTTng - 2.10
1091LTTng-toolsBugNeeds feedbackNormallttng list --kernel --syscall fails on s390x with "Not enough memory" error
1090LTTng-modulesBugNewNormalLTTng modules not working after installing stable PPAMichael JeansonLTTng - 2.9
1088BabeltraceBugNewLowlttng-live can leak some streams
1086BabeltraceBugConfirmedNormalCompilation warning regarding signedness of ctf_clock offset_s and offset in combination with get_unary_unsigned
1085BabeltraceBugNewNormalsegfault with Python bindings when accessing the trace_collection from an Event
1084BabeltraceFeatureNewNormalexpose the library version to the Python API
1083LTTng-toolsFeatureNewNormallttng-load and save are somewhat schizophrenic
1082BabeltraceFeatureNewHighbabeltrace could allow multiple readers in live modeBabeltrace - Babeltrace 2.0
1080BabeltraceBugConfirmedNormalSegfault on bt_ctf_get_field_list for sequence element
1079BabeltraceBugNewNormalBT 2.0 tries to load duplicate plugins in .so and .la formatsBabeltrace - Babeltrace 2.0
1077BabeltraceBugNeeds feedbackNormalctf_visitor_construct_metadata: missing trace declaration
1076BabeltraceBugNewNormalbabeltrace does not add itself to the correct python3 site-packages for certain installations
1074BabeltraceBugNewNormalPython bindings installation path on Ubuntu 16.04
1073LTTngBugNewNormalFiltering test cases failing
1072LTTng-toolsBugNewLowconfigure does not check for needed Libxml2 symbolsPhilippe Proulx
1068LTTng-toolsBugNewNormallttng-ctl: lttng_load_session_attr_get_override_ctrl_url() returns NULL when the destination override is set using lttng_load_session_attr_set_override_url()LTTng - 2.9
1067LTTng-modulesFeatureNewNormalUpdate writeback instrumentation for newer kernelsLTTng - Wishlist
1066LTTng-toolsFeatureNewLowAdd option for lttng-destroy to delete the trace folderLTTng - Wishlist
1061LTTng-modulesFeatureNewNormalNew btrfs events should be added to lttng-modules instrumentation
1060LTTngBugConfirmedLowDocument the extra reading subbuffer always allocatedLTTng - 2.9
1059LTTng-toolsBugConfirmedNormalThe save and load commands do not use the same default home directory
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