Feature #106

Missing context information in list command

Added by Bernd Hufmann about 9 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.

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After adding a context to an event there is no way to retrieve the context information, i.e. lttng list <session name> doesn't show the context information.
I think, a general rule should be, that things that can be configured should be able to be retrieved.

I used commit aeb968923d1245f4cb2be1eed2ab7b8b5eb45cf8

Here is an example sequence. As you can see "lttng list my"-comand doesn't show the context information:

lttng create my

Session my created.

Traces will be written in /home/eedbhu/lttng-traces/my-20120224-130527

lttng enable-event sched_switch -k

kernel event sched_switch created in channel channel0

lttng add-context -k -e sched_switch -t pid

kernel context pid added to event sched_switch

lttng list my

Tracing session my: [inactive]
Trace path: /home/eedbhu/lttng-traces/my-20120224-130527

=== Domain: Kernel ===

- channel0: [enabled]

overwrite mode: 0
subbufers size: 262144
number of subbufers: 4
switch timer interval: 0
read timer interval: 200
output: splice()
sched_switch (loglevel: TRACE_EMERG (0)) (type: tracepoint) [enabled]

Updated by David Goulet about 9 years ago

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I will try to make it for 2.0-stable but it's really not sure. This is indeed a missing feature but not critical for 2.0.


Updated by Yannick Brosseau about 9 years ago

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postponed to next release


Updated by David Goulet almost 9 years ago

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Updated by David Goulet over 8 years ago

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Moving this issue from Bug to Feature.


Updated by David Goulet over 8 years ago

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