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lttng-modules 2.3.0-1 fails to install on Ubuntu 12.04.5 LTS

Added by Daniel U. Thibault about 7 years ago. Updated about 7 years ago.

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Having upgraded my Ubuntu 12.04.5 LTS virtual machine to kernel, I proceeded to uninstall and reinstall the LTTng 2.3.0-1 suite. lttng-modules failed with:

E:lttng-modules: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1

Synaptic's log is attached.


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Updated by Daniel U. Thibault about 7 years ago

All packages are marked as installed despite the failure (lttng-modules, lttng-tools, lttng-ust, babeltrace, lttngtop, lttv, userspace-rcu), but LTTng is not functional (no lttng-tools, no daemons/services running).

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Updated by Mathieu Desnoyers about 7 years ago

I suspect that lttng-modules 2.3.0, even though it has been tested on vanilla Linux kernel 3.2.0, does not support your Ubuntu kernel. Distribution vendors often cherry-pick newer modifications into old kernels, and lttng-modules need specific code to handle those "Frankenstein kernels". You may want to upgrade to a newer (supported) lttng-modules version and see if it helps.

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Updated by Daniel U. Thibault about 7 years ago

The first error in the log is:

CC [M]  /usr/src/lttng-modules-2.3.0/probes/lttng-probe-block.o
In file included from /usr/src/lttng-modules-2.3.0/probes/../instrumentation/events/lttng-module/../../../probes/lttng-events.h:157:0,
from /usr/src/lttng-modules-2.3.0/probes/../instrumentation/events/lttng-module/../../../probes/define_trace.h:148,
from /usr/src/lttng-modules-2.3.0/probes/../instrumentation/events/lttng-module/block.h:877,
from /usr/src/lttng-modules-2.3.0/probes/lttng-probe-block.c:41:
/usr/src/lttng-modules-2.3.0/probes/../instrumentation/events/lttng-module/../../../probes/../instrumentation/events/lttng-module/block.h:240:1: error: conflicting types for ‘trace_block_rq_complete’
include/trace/events/block.h:123:1: note: previous definition of ‘trace_block_rq_complete’ was here
make[3]: *** [/usr/src/lttng-modules-2.3.0/probes/lttng-probe-block.o] Error 1

Interestingly, after removing the incompletely installed lttng-modules, lttng-tools, and lttng-ust (had to remove lttng-tools twice because of another post-removal script failure), lttng-modules installs fine by itself. So I then installed, one at a time, lttng-ust and then lttng-tools. Nearly works, the only bug being that 'lttng list -k' tells me "Kernel tracer not available". This problem remains after I uninstall and reinstall lttng-modules last.

Seems the install synergy between multiple packages is what hurts most here, although there's a remaining problem with lttng-modules.

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Updated by Jonathan Rajotte Julien about 7 years ago

  • Status changed from New to Won't fix
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LTTng 2.3 is considered not supported for a long time now. Please use the following ppa to upgrade:

Please report to us if any problem arise with the ppa.

Also, ubuntu 12.04 is in End of Life state [1].


Actions #5

Updated by Daniel U. Thibault about 7 years ago

Upgrading lttng-modules to the next version (2.5.0-9) fixes the problem. Weird. But if I then upgrade lttng-ust to 2.5.0-10, 'lttng list -k' breaks again. Upgrading lttng-tools to 2.9.x+stable+... (which drags in a bunch of new libs) breaks the system even more, with the lttng command line gone ("bash: /usr/local/bin/lttng: No such file or directory"). The lttng-sessiond daemon refuses to restart.


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