Bug #769

lttng create --live with -C/-D does not work

Added by David Goulet about 6 years ago. Updated about 6 years ago.

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This does not work and sends back a "EINVAL" error. This is due to the lttng create command that sets the HOME url to be the default destination for the live session since with -C/-D are set after session creation. The command should use the default live URL instead.

lttng create --live 1000000 -C tcp://localhost:5342 -D tcp://localhost:5343

Updated by David Goulet about 6 years ago

There is actually are more important issue here in terms of design.

Live is a special case that does NOT allow the given URL to be NULL with lttng_create_session_live() thus the need to pass a default URL. However, the lttng_set_consumer_url() fails if the relayd URL are already set which was previously done by the create live call.

I would say the easiest way here would be to allow empty URL when creating a live session. This will also fix an issue for the load command that needs to set independently the data and control URL taken from the xml session file.


Updated by David Goulet about 6 years ago

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