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Automatically-started lttng-sessiond does not like return code 2.

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When sending commands to an agent, the sessiond expects return codes "1" for success and "2" for error. For example, the Java agent can return "2" due to bug #884.

It seems there is a difference of behaviour depending on if the sessiond was started manually prior to running "lttng", or if it was created via a "lttng create".

If the sessiond was started manually on its own, it will accept both return codes 1 and 2. It works with both a user or root sessiond.
However if the sessiond was spawned automatically by "lttng create", it will continue accepting return code 1 as usual, but will not like 2 as much, and will print the following to the console every time it is received:

Error: Agent returned an unknown code: 2

This only happens when the sessiond was started automatically. A manually-started one will not print this message.

Other than this message, the behaviour seems fine and traces have the correct contents.

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Resolved as of:

commit 2c2403496ae4416e535ff9eb689f6be25af6e47f
Author: Alexandre Montplaisir <>
Date:   Thu Aug 6 13:41:50 2015 -0400

    Fix: Send the correct Java agent return code when disabling events

    When receiving a "disable event" command from the sessiond for
    an event that is not known, the Java agent should send the
    "unknown logger name" return code, not the "invalid command" one.

    Signed-off-by: Alexandre Montplaisir <>
    Signed-off-by: Mathieu Desnoyers <>

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