Bug #957

Relay daemon on remote host crashed with saved ts session

Added by Lakshmi Anusha Mahamkali almost 5 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

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Relay daemon on remote host crashed while performing repetitive restarts of our system with saved ts session.

Below trace is observed before relay daemon crashed:
lttng-relayd: hashtable.c:315: lttng_ht_add_unique_ulong: Assertion `node_ptr == &node->node' failed.

Is there any known issue similar to the above?
Kindly let us know.

Complete logs with relay daemon in verbose mode are attached to the case.


relayd_traces.txt (18.4 KB) relayd_traces.txt Traces of relay daemon in verbose mode Lakshmi Anusha Mahamkali, 10/20/2015 02:05 AM

Updated by Jonathan Rajotte Julien almost 5 years ago

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As specified by the bug reporting guideline we need more infos:

Component version: 
       full version of the software exhibiting the bug (--version option) or Git commit hash for custom builds.

You tagged 2.6 but which minor revision? Can you provide us with a commit id? It would help us to pinpoint the problem and maybe a solution. A solution might be as easy as updating to a minor version since we made a lot of changes lately in the relayd code base.

System information:
Architecture, number of CPUs;
Operating system version (uname -a) and distribution.

It always help to get a little context.

And most importantly:

Steps to reproduce the bug

This is the most important section. Its goal is to show the developers how to reproduce the bug, step by step.
You may write prerequisites to reduce the number of steps here. For example:
Prerequisite: a tracing session exists with two kernel domain channels named kern1 and kern2.
In this last example, the steps to create a tracing session and enable two kernel domain channels are summarized by a simple prerequisite.
Once you've laid out the steps to reproduce the bug, a good practice is to follow them and see if the bug is actually reproduced. This help ensure you didn't forget an important step.




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No activity for 7 months and too little info to investigate. Closing.

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