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"-latest" symlinks for the tarball downloads

Added by Anonymous over 10 years ago. Updated over 10 years ago.

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Right now, the source download links at point to the complete list of all the previous versions of each component.

If it's not too complicated to do, it would be nice to add symlinks (for example "lttng-tools-latest.tar.gz") whose names would not change across releases, but which would always point to the latest tarball of its respective component.

This would allow having the links on the Download page point to the latest source releases automatically, which is what people will want 95% of the time. We could then also add "Archives" links to the complete file lists, if needed.

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Updated by Yannick Brosseau over 10 years ago

The problem with a -latest tar.gz is that we lose the version number in the file name.

A better solution would be to have a small script point to the right files.

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Updated by Anonymous over 10 years ago

No we keep the files with the version numbers as is. Packagers need those files anyway. "lttng-tools-latest.tar.gz" would be an added symlink to "lttng-tools-2.0-rc1.tar.gz", or whatever the latest version it is at the time.

I'm not sure this can be done reliably automatically, but it's just one extra action when uploading a new tarball. And it would make the Download page much more pleasant to use ;)

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Updated by Anonymous over 10 years ago

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Since we'll have version numbers on the Download page, we'll have to update that page for new releases anyway. So let's not change the tarball uploading procedure. We can update the "Latest releases" section to point to the relevant files.


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