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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Target version
861 LTTng-tools Bug Resolved Critical UST subbuffers silently dropped on moderate trace traffic Mathieu Desnoyers LTTng - 2.4 Actions
745 LTTng-UST Bug Resolved Critical base address dump triggers deadlocks Mathieu Desnoyers LTTng - 2.6 Actions
631 LTTng-modules Bug Resolved Critical hard lockup with lttng-modules and kernel 3.10 + Mathieu Desnoyers Actions
487 LTTng-UST Bug Resolved Critical Per UID buffer: Can not see any data being logged Mathieu Desnoyers Actions
230 LTTng-UST Bug Resolved Critical Bus error in applications when using big subbuf size and number Mathieu Desnoyers Actions
142 LTTng-UST Bug Resolved Critical Python application freeze when registering to sessiond Mathieu Desnoyers LTTng - 2.0 stable Actions
10 LTTng-UST Bug Resolved Critical tor instrumentation only works partly Mathieu Desnoyers Actions
1169 LTTng-UST Bug Resolved High Possible race-condition in lttng-ust-statedump.c cleanup code during process exit. Mathieu Desnoyers Actions
1064 LTTng-UST Bug Resolved High Deadlock while dlopen-ing a provider Mathieu Desnoyers LTTng - 2.9 Actions
902 LTTng-tools Bug Invalid High Crash on consumer daemon due to double free or corruption Mathieu Desnoyers LTTng - 2.6 Actions
966 LTTng Feature Resolved High Merge Java early filtering feature Mathieu Desnoyers LTTng - 2.8 Actions
787 Userspace RCU Bug Resolved High rcu_barrier(): uninitialized futex field Mathieu Desnoyers Actions
786 Userspace RCU Bug Resolved High call_rcu threads should clear their PAUSED flag when they unpause Mathieu Desnoyers Actions
734 LTTng-UST Bug Resolved High LTTng-UST produces unreadable traces when string input from application is concurrently changed Mathieu Desnoyers LTTng - 2.4 Actions
781 LTTng-modules Bug Resolved High Racy string input from userspace can yield to unreadable traces Mathieu Desnoyers LTTng - 2.4 Actions
729 LTTng-tools Bug Resolved High lttng-ust vs modules timestamp correlation is sensitive to load at trace start Mathieu Desnoyers Actions
696 LTTng-modules Bug Resolved High ARM gcc 4.8.0, 4.8.1, 4.8.2 produces clobbered frame accesses Mathieu Desnoyers Actions
623 LTTng-UST Bug Resolved High ust crash, bus error Mathieu Desnoyers Actions
546 LTTng-tools Bug Resolved High lttng2.2.0rc2: SessionD hang after receiving lttng_enable_channel() API call Mathieu Desnoyers LTTng - 2.2 Actions
612 LTTng-UST Bug Won't fix High Duplicate events for tracepoints emitted from dlopened shared objects Mathieu Desnoyers LTTng - 2.2 Actions
574 LTTng-modules Bug Resolved High lttng 2.2.0-rc2: reliable crash Mathieu Desnoyers LTTng - 2.3 Actions
502 LTTng-UST Bug Resolved High UST compatibility issue: 2.1 probe provider with 2.0 liblttng-ust may access beyond structure allocation size Mathieu Desnoyers LTTng - 2.2 Actions
501 LTTng-tools Bug Resolved High consumerd defuncts - 2.2 rc1 Mathieu Desnoyers LTTng - 2.2 Actions
510 LTTng-tools Bug Resolved High lttng2.2.0rc1: ConsumerD coredump once in a while after a few iteration of "TC dealing with killing relayd while session is active" Mathieu Desnoyers LTTng - 2.2 Actions
229 LTTng-UST Bug Invalid High Lost events not reported in tracefile. Mathieu Desnoyers Actions
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