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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Target version
811 Babeltrace Bug Resolved High multiple channels in live fails to parse Julien Desfossez LTTng - 2.4 Actions
809 LTTng-tools Bug Resolved High save/load fails with remote sessions LTTng - 2.3 Actions
595 LTTng-tools Bug Resolved High don't contact the consumer when it is dead LTTng - 2.3 Actions
1084 Babeltrace Feature Resolved Normal expose the library version to the Python API Actions
1085 Babeltrace Bug Invalid Normal segfault with Python bindings when accessing the trace_collection from an Event Actions
1074 Babeltrace Bug Invalid Normal Python bindings installation path on Ubuntu 16.04 Actions
1058 Babeltrace Bug Invalid Normal AttributeError: '_Definition' object has no attribute '_s' Actions
1041 Babeltrace Feature Invalid Normal Expose the env information through the API Actions
167 Babeltrace Feature Invalid Normal support multiple iterators Actions
1048 LTTng-modules Bug Resolved Normal global_dirty_limit symbol lookup failed. Michael Jeanson Actions
1134 LTTng-tools Bug Resolved Normal lttng-consumerd: hashtable.c:383: lttng_ht_add_unique_u64: Assertion `node_ptr == &node->node' failed. Actions
1145 LTTng-modules Feature Resolved Normal lttng-logger as a character device for containers Actions
995 LTTng-tools Bug Resolved Normal cannot enable discard-mode channels in snapshot sessions LTTng - 2.9 Actions
1040 Babeltrace Feature Invalid Normal Expose the Babeltrace version through the API Actions
1037 LTTng-UST Bug Resolved Normal Invalid offset value in Perf PMU counters sampling on x86 Actions
949 LTTng-tools Bug Resolved Normal error reporting when kernel tracing not available because of a version mismatch between tools and modules LTTng - 2.8 Actions
970 LTTng-tools Bug Resolved Normal snapshot written in 2 folders if it takes more than 1 second to record Jonathan Rajotte Julien LTTng - 2.8 Actions
954 LTTng Feature Resolved Normal Allow regenerating the LTTng-UST and LTTng-modules metadata after NTP major adjustment Julien Desfossez LTTng - 2.8 Actions
955 LTTng Feature Resolved Normal Expose buffer overwritten information in LTTng-UST and LTTng-modules Julien Desfossez LTTng - 2.8 Actions
1000 LTTng-tools Bug Resolved Normal lttng list segfault with -k -a Actions
868 LTTng-tools Bug Resolved Normal failure to take more than 1 snapshot on the network Actions
278 LTTng-modules Feature Resolved Normal ioctl to export the stream_id field offset in the packet header Julien Desfossez Actions
814 LTTng-modules Bug Resolved Normal problem compiling lttng-probe-block on Ubuntu kernel Actions
816 LTTng-UST Bug Resolved Normal race condition in metadata flush in live with dyninst (prototype) Julien Desfossez Actions
815 LTTng-tools Bug Resolved Normal lttng-relayd without $HOME fails silently LTTng - 2.3 Actions
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