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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Target version
1245 LTTng-modules Bug Resolved Normal file descriptor statedump should iterate over all processes/threads, not just processes Actions
1238 LTTng-UST Bug Resolved Normal AddressSanitizer detects an global buffer overflow when we iterate over tracepoint sections Mathieu Desnoyers Actions
1191 LTTng-tools Bug Invalid Normal extras/ subdir excluded from dist tarball on ./configure --disable-extras Actions
1183 LTTng Bug Resolved Normal LTTng-UST and modules ring buffers timestamp_end value may not include last events in the packet (LTTng 2.2+) Mathieu Desnoyers LTTng - 2.9 Actions
1089 LTTng-UST Bug Resolved Normal lttng-ust examples build fail when invoking make more than once Michael Jeanson LTTng - 2.9 Actions
1069 LTTng-UST Bug Resolved Normal TRACELOG_LOGLEVEL not observed when using g++ Mathieu Desnoyers Actions
1047 Babeltrace Bug Invalid Normal babeltrace error reading trace on a NFS filesystem Actions
1035 LTTng-UST Bug Resolved Normal lttng-ust 2.8 does not dump base address of lib dependencies of dlopen'd libs Mathieu Desnoyers LTTng - 2.8 Actions
1009 Babeltrace Bug Invalid Low lttng-live plugin does not honor the --output argument Actions
966 LTTng Feature Resolved High Merge Java early filtering feature Mathieu Desnoyers LTTng - 2.8 Actions
939 LTTng-tools Bug Resolved Normal Test lttng-modules clock plugin Mathieu Desnoyers LTTng - 2.8 Actions
878 LTTng-tools Bug Resolved Normal lttng-sessiond cannot unload lttng-modules when live session exists Jonathan Rajotte Julien LTTng - 2.7 Actions
877 LTTng-UST Bug Resolved Normal Use secure_getenv (or equivalent) when getting env. vars. involving paths Mathieu Desnoyers LTTng - 2.5 Actions
867 LTTng-UST Bug Resolved Normal LTTng-UST mishandles context alignment Mathieu Desnoyers Actions
863 LTTng-tools Bug Resolved Normal Live tracing does not honor live timer after first tracefile with tracefile rotation Mathieu Desnoyers Actions
861 LTTng-tools Bug Resolved Critical UST subbuffers silently dropped on moderate trace traffic Mathieu Desnoyers LTTng - 2.4 Actions
844 LTTng-tools Bug Resolved Normal lttng-sessiond error on syscall list when unable to load kernel tracer David Goulet Actions
820 LTTng-tools Bug Resolved Normal Use of /var/run weird for saving sessions ? David Goulet LTTng - 2.5 Actions
819 LTTng-tools Bug Resolved Normal session "auto load" is not documented in manpage ? David Goulet LTTng - 2.5 Actions
818 LTTng-tools Bug Resolved Normal lttng load does not set current session LTTng - 2.5 Actions
817 LTTng-tools Bug Resolved Normal documentation of save/restore LTTng - 2.5 Actions
805 LTTng-UST Bug Resolved Normal Multiple providers within same C file don't work as expected Mathieu Desnoyers Actions
788 Userspace RCU Bug Resolved Normal Use after free in rcu_barrier() Mathieu Desnoyers Actions
787 Userspace RCU Bug Resolved High rcu_barrier(): uninitialized futex field Mathieu Desnoyers Actions
786 Userspace RCU Bug Resolved High call_rcu threads should clear their PAUSED flag when they unpause Mathieu Desnoyers Actions
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