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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Target version
466 LTTng-tools Bug Resolved Normal add-context seems broken for UST Actions
528 Babeltrace Feature Invalid Normal Add git version information to project version Actions
526 LTTng-tools Feature Resolved Normal Add git version information to project version Actions
527 LTTng-UST Feature New Normal Add git version information to project version Actions
1238 LTTng-UST Bug Resolved Normal AddressSanitizer detects an global buffer overflow when we iterate over tracepoint sections Mathieu Desnoyers Actions
519 LTTng-tools Feature Resolved Normal Add timestamps to sessiond/consumerd logs David Goulet LTTng - 2.5 Actions
962 LTTng-modules Feature New Low add x86 exceptions.h and irq_vectors.h instrumentation (and mpx.h) Mathieu Desnoyers LTTng - Wishlist Actions
100 LTTng-tools Bug Resolved Normal After sessiond major failure (e.g. segfault), new sessiond hangs on previous consumer David Goulet LTTng - 2.0 stable Actions
521 LTTng-tools Feature Resolved Normal Allow override of /var/run directory LTTng - 2.3 Actions
520 LTTng-UST Feature New Normal Allow override of /var/run directory Actions
696 LTTng-modules Bug Resolved High ARM gcc 4.8.0, 4.8.1, 4.8.2 produces clobbered frame accesses Mathieu Desnoyers Actions
213 Website Bug Resolved Normal Attachment not working on Yannick Brosseau Actions
1221 Babeltrace Bug New Normal Babeltrace 2 sometimes fail on live trace with lttng-clear feature Babeltrace - Babeltrace - stable 2.0 Actions
1047 Babeltrace Bug Invalid Normal babeltrace error reading trace on a NFS filesystem Actions
649 Babeltrace Feature Invalid Normal Babeltrace is limited by the OS max number of open files Actions
700 Babeltrace Bug Invalid Low Babeltrace is probably not able to read packets larger than available memory Actions
668 Babeltrace Bug Resolved Normal babeltrace mixes up packet size and content size when only one of those is missing Actions
745 LTTng-UST Bug Resolved Critical base address dump triggers deadlocks Mathieu Desnoyers LTTng - 2.6 Actions
13 Website Bug Resolved Critical is not SSL enabled -> passwords in clear text Yannick Brosseau Actions
14 Website Bug Resolved Normal SMTP not working Yannick Brosseau Actions
786 Userspace RCU Bug Resolved High call_rcu threads should clear their PAUSED flag when they unpause Mathieu Desnoyers Actions
498 LTTng-UST Bug Resolved Critical Can not successfully launch instrumented app (that are compiled with lttng 2.1) when latest lttng (origin/master) is loaded and a session is active LTTng - 2.2 Actions
691 LTTng-UST Bug Resolved Normal Cast from pointer to different integer size warning in ust-tracepoint-event.h Mathieu Desnoyers LTTng - 2.4 Actions
1256 LTTng-tools Bug New Low Check babeltrace1 stderr output in tests Actions
101 LTTng-tools Bug Resolved Low comapt-freebsd branch: make -j10 fails David Goulet LTTng - 2.1 pre Actions
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