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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Target version
1369 LTTng Bug Feedback Normal Nano clock value overflows the signed 64-bit integer range on the babeltrace2 client side when per-process per-user trace file were transfer using lttng live protocol Jérémie Galarneau Actions
1368 Userspace RCU Feature New Normal Integrate RCU implementation from libside into liburcu Actions
1367 LTTng-tools Bug New Normal Sessions wih --no-output don't show lost packets Actions
1366 LTTng Feature New Normal static library aka liblttng-ust.a Actions
1365 LTTng-tools Bug New Normal Repeated snapshots of session in snapshot mode yield sometimes empty results Actions
1364 Babeltrace Bug New Normal CTF: Mismatching variant and tag selector and field names causes a crash Babeltrace - Babeltrace - stable 2.0 Actions
1362 LTTng-tools Bug New Normal Listing a trigger with an event rule matches condition with a uprobe on an elf symbol crashes Jérémie Galarneau LTTng - 2.14 Actions
1358 LTTng-modules Bug New High Failed to deploy lttng modules on NVIDIA jetson device Jérémie Galarneau LTTng - 2.13 Actions
1351 Babeltrace Bug Feedback Normal Babeltrace2 failes at a negative clock `offset` Babeltrace - Babeltrace - stable 2.0 Actions
1350 Babeltrace Bug Feedback Normal Babeltrace failes at a negative clock `offset` Babeltrace - Babeltrace - stable 1.x Actions
1348 Babeltrace Bug New Normal Assertion failure when passing `smalltrace` CTF test trace twice to convert command Babeltrace - Babeltrace - stable 2.0 Actions
1347 LTTng Feature New Low Codename for 2.14 LTTng - 2.14 Actions
1346 Babeltrace Bug New Normal sink.ctf.fs: Assertion failure while encoding length FC of dynamic array FC embedded within a static array FC Babeltrace - Babeltrace - stable 2.0 Actions
1345 LTTng-modules Bug New Normal NULL pointer dereference when adding perf:cpu:cache-misses context Actions
1343 LTTng Bug New Normal Notifications tests hangs during OE/yocto. Actions
1342 LTTng-tools Bug New Low Rotation thread's handling of session consumed size notifications is racy Jérémie Galarneau Actions
1341 LTTng-tools Feature New Normal Introduce "--shm-path-ust" to clarify use vs documentation Olivier Dion Actions
1340 LTTng-tools Bug New Normal Document behavior of per-uid UST buffers with respect to asynchronously killed traced applications Philippe Proulx Actions
1338 Babeltrace Bug New Normal Crash when specifying convert command with custom python plug-in Babeltrace - Babeltrace - stable 2.0 Actions
1336 Babeltrace Feature New Normal Improve usability of error messages Philippe Proulx Babeltrace - Babeltrace - stable 2.0 Actions
1334 Babeltrace Bug New Normal Python component class memory leak Babeltrace - Babeltrace - stable 2.0 Actions
1333 Babeltrace Bug New Normal Crash on invalid argument sequence Babeltrace - Babeltrace - stable 2.0 Actions
1331 LTTng-tools Bug Feedback Normal test_unix_socket fails for 64 bit arches on alpine linux but passes on 32bit arches Actions
1329 LTTng-tools Bug New Normal Assert in lttng-consumerd: consumer.c:lttng_consumer_rotate_channel() Actions
1324 LTTng-tools Bug New Normal lttng_enable_event() and lttng_enable_event_with_filter() cannot always enable a "listed" recording event rule Jérémie Galarneau Actions
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