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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Target version
1076 Babeltrace Bug New Normal babeltrace does not add itself to the correct python3 site-packages for certain installations
1074 Babeltrace Bug New Normal Python bindings installation path on Ubuntu 16.04
1073 LTTng Bug New Normal Filtering test cases failing
1072 LTTng-tools Bug New Low configure does not check for needed Libxml2 symbols Philippe Proulx
1068 LTTng-tools Bug New Normal lttng-ctl: lttng_load_session_attr_get_override_ctrl_url() returns NULL when the destination override is set using lttng_load_session_attr_set_override_url() LTTng - 2.9
1067 LTTng-modules Feature New Normal Update writeback instrumentation for newer kernels LTTng - Wishlist
1066 LTTng-tools Feature New Low Add option for lttng-destroy to delete the trace folder LTTng - Wishlist
1061 LTTng-modules Feature New Normal New btrfs events should be added to lttng-modules instrumentation
1060 LTTng Bug Confirmed Low Document the extra reading subbuffer always allocated LTTng - 2.9
1059 LTTng-tools Bug Confirmed Normal The save and load commands do not use the same default home directory
1058 Babeltrace Bug New Normal AttributeError: '_Definition' object has no attribute '_s'
1057 LTTng-tools Feature New Normal List only contexts that apply to a domain
1055 Babeltrace Bug Needs feedback Normal static build produces dynamic executable
1054 Babeltrace Bug New Normal babeltrace and python 3 : semi-random core dumps
1052 Babeltrace Bug New Normal Python 3 exit code 139 with repeated requests of EventDeclaration
1051 Babeltrace Bug New Normal babeltrace-1.3.2-c551f7a : The Python 3 binding is broken
1050 Babeltrace Bug New Normal documentation is badly incorrect
1049 Babeltrace Feature New Normal Some nice-to-have features of the babeltrace Python 3 bindings
1047 Babeltrace Bug New Normal babeltrace error reading trace on a NFS filesystem
1046 Babeltrace Bug New Normal babeltrace README, CentOS/RHEL, and PYTHON_CONFIG for python3
1045 Babeltrace Feature New Normal Wire up debug info on lttng_ust_cyg_profile event fields
1041 Babeltrace Feature New Normal Expose the env information through the API
1039 LTTng-modules Feature New Normal Generate an event when Perf takes a sample
1038 LTTng Bug New Normal Enabling all events for the JUL domain, while having disabled events
1034 LTTng Bug Confirmed Normal KPROBE & KREPROBE support for saved/loaded sessions is not working LTTng - 2.9
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