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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Target version
15 LTTng-tools Feature Confirmed Low LTTng simple trace LTTng - Wishlist
30 Website Feature New Normal Contributor documentation
35 LTTng-tools Feature Confirmed Normal Remote administration LTTng - Wishlist
38 LTTng-UST Feature New Normal Automatic stdout/stderr redirection LTTng - Wishlist
39 LTTng-UST Feature New Normal Auto-instrumentation of function entries and exits LTTng - Wishlist
51 LTTng-UST Feature New Low lttng-gen-tp: add python module output LTTng - Wishlist
65 LTTng-UST Feature New Low Helper script to generate the tracepoint shared library LTTng - Wishlist
66 Website Bug In Progress Normal Show expanded News on the main page
67 Website Bug New Normal Syndicate the project news on the main page Yannick Brosseau
68 Website Bug New Normal Top-level primary links should be in bold Yannick Brosseau
73 Website Feature New Normal DOCUMENTATION!
77 LTTng-tools Feature Confirmed Low Create developper documentation for the LTTng "control" API LTTng - Wishlist
85 LTTng-UST Feature In Progress Normal Create a benchmark test Jonathan Rajotte Julien
97 Website Bug New Normal Theme tweak: the < pre > tags should be more visible
106 LTTng-tools Feature Confirmed Normal Missing context information in list command LTTng - Wishlist
137 LTTng-tools Feature Confirmed Normal No more tracing possible after consumerD dies (via kill command) LTTng - Wishlist
138 Website Feature New Normal Workflow graph for bug statuses Raphaël Beamonte
160 Babeltrace Feature New Normal Add a bt_iter_copy function
167 Babeltrace Feature Confirmed Normal support multiple iterators
193 LTTng-tools Feature Needs feedback Normal Find a more intelligent heuristics for the FD reservation LTTng - Wishlist
211 LTTng Feature New Normal Environment vars LTTng - Wishlist
214 Website Bug New Normal Add weekly reminder of assigned open bugs
215 Website Bug New Normal Create a FAQ section
216 Website Feature New Normal Use menu separators instead of placeholder pages
218 Babeltrace Feature Confirmed Low SEEK_END and SEEK_LAST
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