Bug #501

Updated by Mathieu Desnoyers about 11 years ago

 Test Case Procedure: 
 1. create a Per-UID session with UST domain type and url=/tmp/<some dir> 
 2. create CTF channel 
 3. enable events with filter 
 4. destroy session 
 5. create another Per-UID session with UST domain type and url= <IP address and port numbers> 
 6. create CTF channel with switch timer 1 sec 
 7. create metadata channel with switch timer 1 sec 
 8. add VPID context 
 9. enable events with filter 
 10. start tracing 

 step 6 fails often because no UST consumer was detected. 
 I have attached some logs, and below there is more info about the version. 

 # ps -e | grep -i lttng 
 21490 pts/0      00:00:00 lttng-sessiond 
 21971 pts/0      00:00:01 lttng-consumerd <defunct> 
 28781 ?          00:00:00 lttng-relayd 

 Lttng tools: 
 * 500c239 (HEAD, tag: v2.2.0-rc1, origin/master, origin/HEAD) Update version to v2.2.0-rc1 
 * 61411ca Fix: Add missing header for make dist 
 * ee69440 Fix: add missing declaration for disable-lttng-ust 
 * af6142c Fix: don't keep vpid, procname, nor patchlevel environment for per-uid buffers 
 * 0f907de Relayd add_stream command handle tracefile rotation 
 * fe4477e Move stream file rotation functions to utils 

 Lttng ust: 
 * bdd8ca8 (HEAD, origin/master, origin/HEAD) connect: don't report EACCES 
 * 256e8c9 connect: don't print error on EPERM 
 * 76bacff Bump liblttng-ust-ctl lib version major number 
 * 3469bbb Optimisation: implement callsite hash table in tracepoint.c 
 * 5da1090 Optimisation: only update added library in tracepoint.c 
 * 5f73392 Optimisation: only fix pending events once per lazy update 
 * 9c915ee (tag: v2.2.0-rc1) Version 2.2.0-rc1 
 * 46c881a Fix: tracepoint instrumentation constructor order issue 
 * 77ca146 Documentation: update 2.0 to 2.x 
 * 60302ad Add demo test back as an example 

 * d107390 (HEAD, origin/master, origin/HEAD) Add tab to output in order to allow easy nesting of tables. 
 * f1e42e5 Remove from dist tarball 
 * 10f55ae Add script 
 * 7e5b9a4 list: implement cds_list_for_each_safe() 
 * 108a92e Fix: tests/api.h use cpuset.h 
 * b3231c1 Fix hurd-i386: move cpuset tests outside of sched_setaffinity conditional 
 * 2953b50 Fix tests: finer-grained use of CPU_SET, CPU_ZERO and cpu_set_t 
 * fe1f986 Test for CPU_SET 
 * 63b495d Fix build on architectures with HAVE_SCHED_GETCPU but without HAVE_SYSCONF 
 * 957be43 README: document that Clang 3.0 (based on LLVM 3.0) is supported 
 * 79a8e6c clang: silence "unused expression result" warning