• Common Trace Format

    The Common Trace Format (CTF) is proposed as a trace format that suits the needs of the embedded, telecom, high-performance and kernel communities.

  • LTTng

    Umbrella project for all main LTTng components.

    If you are not sure in which sub-project an issue should be created, simply file it in here.

    • Babeltrace

      Command-line trace reader and converter

    • LTTng-modules

      LTTng Linux kernel tracer modules

    • LTTng-tools

      Unified control tool for the LTTng Linux kernel and user space tracers

    • LTTng-UST

      LTTng user space tracing library

    • LTTngTop

      A small top-like utility using tracing to gather different metrics

  • Trace Compass UX Experiments

    Feature and bug tracking of the user experience experiments on Trace Compass. The purpose of this experimental branch is to prototype user experience enhancements to Trace Compass and gather quick feedback from end users.

  • Userspace RCU

    Userspace RCU synchronization library

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