From 01/19/2012 to 02/17/2012


04:44 PM Feature #73 (New): DOCUMENTATION!
The Documentation page is hopelessly stale. Of course most of the documentation for the new tools isn't even *written... Anonymous
04:41 PM Bug #72 (Resolved): The "Getting started" should be a real quickstart
Update the Getting started to some more recent instructions. David's page on his wiki is a good example (perhaps spli... Anonymous
04:39 PM Bug #71 (Resolved): Update for LTTng 2.0
--- After the 2.0 RC1 is out ---
The LTTng 2.0 tools should be the main item on the main page. The old 0.x toolcha...
04:33 PM Bug #70 (Resolved): Rework the Download page
The Download page should be the only place with download links. It should show:
- Distro packages (repos, PPAs)
04:09 PM Bug #68 (New): Top-level primary links should be in bold
The main items in the navigation list on should be in bold (and the sub-items should not), so that it makes... Anonymous
04:04 PM Bug #67 (New): Syndicate the project news on the main page
If we use the per-project news on Redmine to announce releases (like David has been spectacularly doing so far ;) ), ... Anonymous
04:00 PM Bug #66 (In Progress): Show expanded News on the main page
Now that we don't use Drupal's Releases, we can remove the little box on the right, and replace it with regular News ... Anonymous


09:55 PM Bug #12 (Resolved): Link to redmine git view
Yannick Brosseau


10:39 PM Bug #50 (Won't fix): ERROR: The certificate of `' hasn't got a known issuer.
After 3 years, wget still does not have SNI support. I suggest that you use curl instead.
See the following links ...
Yannick Brosseau
10:18 PM Bug #50 (Won't fix): ERROR: The certificate of `' hasn't got a known issuer.
compudj@thinkos:/tmp$ wget
--2012-02-15 22:18:42-- https://bugs.lttn...
Mathieu Desnoyers


06:58 PM Bug #13 (Resolved): is not SSL enabled -> passwords in clear text
Mathieu Desnoyers


03:30 PM Bug #13 (In Progress): is not SSL enabled -> passwords in clear text
Yannick Brosseau


07:35 PM Feature #30 (New): Contributor documentation
We should have some official "contributor guildelines" somewhere on the website.
This would explain how to...


04:46 PM Bug #16 (Resolved): Create email address for automatic bug creation
Yannick Brosseau
04:36 PM Bug #14: SMTP not working
need more test Yannick Brosseau
04:30 PM Bug #14 (In Progress): SMTP not working
Yannick Brosseau


08:49 PM Bug #14 (Resolved): SMTP not working
20:08 < alexmonthy> Email delivery is not configured, and notifications are
20:08 < ...
Mathieu Desnoyers
08:44 PM Bug #13 (Resolved): is not SSL enabled -> passwords in clear text
We need SSL and a certificate for Mathieu Desnoyers
08:40 PM Bug #12 (Resolved): Link to redmine git view
in order to integrate redmine with git, we seem to need to be open with the http protocol to serve git ... Mathieu Desnoyers

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