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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Target version
310 Website Bug Resolved Normal Redmine does not automatically update repositories Yannick Brosseau Actions
255 Website Bug Resolved Normal Download page not up to date Actions
215 Website Bug New Normal Create a FAQ section Actions
214 Website Bug New Normal Add weekly reminder of assigned open bugs Actions
213 Website Bug Resolved Normal Attachment not working on Yannick Brosseau Actions
206 Website Bug Resolved Low Have some sample traces on Actions
134 Website Bug Invalid Normal The bug report doesn't allow the assignee to change the status of the bug Actions
110 Website Bug Resolved Normal Test Actions
97 Website Bug New Normal Theme tweak: the < pre > tags should be more visible Actions
92 Website Bug Invalid Normal THe website could be faster #2 Actions
91 Website Bug Resolved Critical THe website could be faster Yannick Brosseau Actions
86 Website Bug Resolved Normal Link babeltrace repo to redmine Actions
83 Website Bug Resolved Normal Document bug statuses Actions
72 Website Bug Resolved Normal The "Getting started" should be a real quickstart Actions
71 Website Bug Resolved High Update for LTTng 2.0 Actions
70 Website Bug Resolved Normal Rework the Download page Actions
68 Website Bug New Normal Top-level primary links should be in bold Yannick Brosseau Actions
67 Website Bug New Normal Syndicate the project news on the main page Yannick Brosseau Actions
66 Website Bug In Progress Normal Show expanded News on the main page Actions
50 Website Bug Won't fix Normal ERROR: The certificate of `' hasn't got a known issuer. Yannick Brosseau Actions
16 Website Bug Resolved Normal Create email address for automatic bug creation Yannick Brosseau Actions
14 Website Bug Resolved Normal SMTP not working Yannick Brosseau Actions
13 Website Bug Resolved Critical is not SSL enabled -> passwords in clear text Yannick Brosseau Actions
12 Website Bug Resolved Normal Link to redmine git view Yannick Brosseau Actions

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