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10:57 AM LTTng-tools Bug #1191: extras/ subdir excluded from dist tarball on ./configure --disable-extras
From the automake manual for future reference:
If SUBDIRS is defined conditionally using Automake conditionals, ...
Michael Jeanson


10:22 AM LTTng-tools Bug #1185: Failing to enable kernel channel through Python bindings
Christophe Bedard wrote:
> Hi,
> Do you know if and how we could request for >=2.10.7 to be released to Ubuntu ...
Michael Jeanson


12:40 AM Babeltrace Revision ff89ed28 (babeltrace): tests: fix test_auto_source_discovery on mingw
Add native path support and use the shared diff functions to properly
handle end of line characters.
Change-Id: Ie36...
Michael Jeanson


03:34 PM Babeltrace Revision e23e08c4 (babeltrace): tests: fix Python plugin provider tests on Windows
On Windows, the embedded Python interpreter in the Python plugin
provider can't automatically locate the path to it's...
Michael Jeanson
03:34 PM Babeltrace Revision 9c5dd55a (babeltrace): tests: readlink 'canonicalize' is GNU specific
On platforms not using the GNU coreutils, namely MacOs, readlink doesn't
have a canonicalize option.
Use it only whe...
Michael Jeanson
03:34 PM Babeltrace Revision f826e400 (babeltrace): tests: fix Windows support in test_convert_args
Additionnal variables were added to the common case, add them for
Windows too.
Change-Id: I33ec919f305a3d69020ee906e...
Michael Jeanson
08:39 AM Babeltrace Revision b0aa9493 (babeltrace): Update python bindings gitignore for native_bt.c
In e7d63bf32268fcaf9e1f5724cf4def49f3f9c081, 'native_bt_wrap.c' was
renamed to 'native_bt.c' but the gitignore was no...
Michael Jeanson


09:39 AM Babeltrace Revision 3625612b (babeltrace): Fix: flt.utils.muxer: don't clear an empty `GPtrArray`
GLib < 2.48.0 asserts when clearing an empty `GPtrArray` with
GLib-CRITICAL **: g_ptr_ar...
Michael Jeanson


02:49 AM Babeltrace Revision 86f2cc9e (babeltrace): tests: Move out of the autotools aux directory
We have made local modifications to this script, move it to the test
suite directory so it doesn't get overwritten by...
Michael Jeanson
02:47 AM Babeltrace Revision 493d384f (babeltrace): Fix: bt2: remove circular import (not supported before Python 3.5)
This fixes the bindings failing to load with a circular import error on
SLES12 with Python 3.4:
Traceback (most rec...
Michael Jeanson

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