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07:18 PM Babeltrace Revision 8f76fd4a (babeltrace): fix: Add missing glib include on MINGW
Signed-off-by: Michael Jeanson <>
Change-Id: I4b8486406270314f610e6001eba854ddd189983c
Michael Jeanson


07:47 PM Babeltrace Revision 91d81473 (babeltrace): Cleanup: remove private babeltrace.h
* Remove unused macros
* Replace duplicated macros with their glib equivalent
* Move the *safe* static inlines to t...
Michael Jeanson
07:47 PM Babeltrace Revision c88dd1cb (babeltrace): Cleanup: remove plugin-common.h
It was only used to define 'UNUSED_VAR' which we can use literally.
Change-Id: Idf84f6ecee711e2caf4b7d68f5e6f598b0ac...
Michael Jeanson
07:47 PM Babeltrace Revision 550b7a4e (babeltrace): tests: Move libtestcommon to utils
Signed-off-by: Michael Jeanson <>
Change-Id: I4efe6edae5d70921cbfb106f5184c58f7e2e5abb
Michael Jeanson
07:47 PM Babeltrace Revision 331731aa (babeltrace): tests: Move ctf-writer to it's own directory
Signed-off-by: Michael Jeanson <>
Change-Id: I4033b31392867c468419aa43f31675af3842c6f1
Michael Jeanson
11:40 AM Babeltrace Revision 4e87f509 (babeltrace): fix: Static build fails with ctfser missing symbols
Spliting the ctf-writer from the main library had the side effect of not
including the ctfser convience library in th...
Michael Jeanson


05:55 PM Babeltrace Revision 578e048b (babeltrace): Re-organize sources
* Create a top-level 'src' directory.
* Move all private headers from the public include directory to the
'src' d...
Michael Jeanson
03:50 PM Babeltrace Revision 68b66a25 (babeltrace): flush stdout after each test result
This is useful in a CI system where stdout is fully buffered and you
look at the console output to see which test is ...
Michael Jeanson


05:14 PM Babeltrace Revision 67d2ce02 (babeltrace): ctf-writer: externalize libbabeltrace2-ctf-writer
Completely split the ctf writer part from the main babeltrace2 library.
* Remove the obsolete libbabeltrace2-ctf li...
Michael Jeanson
01:43 PM Babeltrace Revision 172e6876 (babeltrace): Cleanup: Move build logic to python-plugin-provider Makefile
Simplify the root Makefile, group the python provider build logic in a
single Makefile.
Signed-off-by: Michael Jeans...
Michael Jeanson

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