Michael Jeanson





03:52 PM Babeltrace Revision 7a3f3e45 (babeltrace): Require automake >= 1.12
The test suite LOG_DRIVER statement requires that automake >= 1.12 be used
during bootstrap.
Signed-off-by: Michael ...
Michael Jeanson
10:53 AM Babeltrace Revision 3725ce94 (babeltrace): port: fix link order of babeltrace2.exe
On both Cygwin and MINGW, the link order of static libraries in an exe
requires the dependent libraries to come first...
Michael Jeanson


03:34 PM LTTng-modules Revision afb196cc (lttng-modules): Fix: btrfs: move basic block_group definitions to their own header (v5.4)
commit aac0023c2106952538414254960c51dcf0dc39e9
Author: Josef Bacik <>
Date: Thu Jun 20 15:...
Michael Jeanson
03:31 PM Babeltrace Revision 3b16a19b (babeltrace): port: mmap offset alignment on Windows
On Windows the mmap offset is not aligned to the page size but to the
allocator granularity which is usually bigger t...
Michael Jeanson


02:25 PM LTTng-tools Revision 557ac9b9 (lttng-tools): Fix: namespace our gettid wrapper
Since glibc 2.30, a gettid wrapper was added that conflicts with our
static declaration. Namespace our wrapper so the...
Michael Jeanson


10:57 AM LTTng-tools Bug #1191: extras/ subdir excluded from dist tarball on ./configure --disable-extras
From the automake manual for future reference:
If SUBDIRS is defined conditionally using Automake conditionals, ...
Michael Jeanson


10:22 AM LTTng-tools Bug #1185: Failing to enable kernel channel through Python bindings
Christophe Bedard wrote:
> Hi,
> Do you know if and how we could request for >=2.10.7 to be released to Ubuntu ...
Michael Jeanson


12:40 AM Babeltrace Revision ff89ed28 (babeltrace): tests: fix test_auto_source_discovery on mingw
Add native path support and use the shared diff functions to properly
handle end of line characters.
Change-Id: Ie36...
Michael Jeanson


03:34 PM Babeltrace Revision 9c5dd55a (babeltrace): tests: readlink 'canonicalize' is GNU specific
On platforms not using the GNU coreutils, namely MacOs, readlink doesn't
have a canonicalize option.
Use it only whe...
Michael Jeanson
03:34 PM Babeltrace Revision f826e400 (babeltrace): tests: fix Windows support in test_convert_args
Additionnal variables were added to the common case, add them for
Windows too.
Change-Id: I33ec919f305a3d69020ee906e...
Michael Jeanson

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