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05:44 PM Userspace RCU Revision 2e359284 (userspace-rcu): Always use '__thread' for Thread local storage except on MSVC
Use the GCC extension '__thread' [1] for Thread local storage on all C
and C++ compilers except MSVC.
While C11 and ...
Michael Jeanson
05:42 PM LTTng-modules Revision c190d76e (lttng-modules): fix: Revert "Makefile: Enable -Wimplicit-fallthrough for Clang" (v5.15)
Starting with v5.15, "-Wimplicit-fallthrough=5" was added to the build
flags which requires the use of "__attribute__...
Michael Jeanson
02:49 PM LTTng-modules Revision ffcc8734 (lttng-modules): fix: cpu/hotplug: Remove deprecated CPU-hotplug functions. (v5.15)
The CPU-hotplug functions get|put_online_cpus() were deprecated in v4.13
and removed in v5.15.
See upstream commits ...
Michael Jeanson


06:20 PM Userspace RCU Revision e915ab84 (userspace-rcu): fix: don't use C++ thread_local on MacOs
Recent versions of Apple's clang++ do support 'thread_local' but the
implementation generates additional helper symbo...
Michael Jeanson


07:54 PM Userspace RCU Revision c8292aa7 (userspace-rcu): fix: test_build tap plan
Change-Id: I83dc2343fe7c457a1ec0c94ed164c1365fce2bdb
Signed-off-by: Michael Jeanson <>
Michael Jeanson


03:40 PM Userspace RCU Revision f99c6e92 (userspace-rcu): cleanup: spelling fixes in comments
Change-Id: I22ae33365d77abeb5f7051882e9d0fa807e38f6f
Signed-off-by: Michael Jeanson <>
Michael Jeanson


07:31 PM LTTng-modules Revision 7259e6a5 (lttng-modules): fix: sched: Change task_struct::state (v5.14)
See upstream commit:
commit 2f064a59a11ff9bc22e52e9678bc601404c7cb34
Author: Peter Zijlstra <peterz@infradead.or...
Michael Jeanson
07:27 PM LTTng-modules Revision e9a88656 (lttng-modules): fix: btrfs: pass btrfs_inode to btrfs_writepage_endio_finish_ordered() (v5.14)
See upstream commit:
commit 38a39ac77e089515acbe85c6c70c3df1e728357d
Author: Qu Wenruo <>
Date: ...
Michael Jeanson


06:37 PM LTTng-tools Revision da247508 (lttng-tools): Silence warnings on GCC 4.8 with -Wmaybe-uninitialized
We still build on SLES12 with GCC 4.8 in which '-Wmaybe-uninitialized'
doesn't seem to be the sharpest tool in the sh...
Michael Jeanson


02:42 PM LTTng-tools Revision 97a1d630 (lttng-tools): Reset codename and description
Change-Id: I6827fec291a8a1e18922508dabc67a04e13346c5
Signed-off-by: Michael Jeanson <>
Michael Jeanson

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