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Common Trace Format Developer 02/07/2023
LTTng Developer 02/07/2023
Babeltrace Developer 02/07/2023
LTTng-CI Developer 02/07/2023
LTTng-modules Developer 02/07/2023
LTTng-tools Developer 02/07/2023
LTTng-UST Developer 02/07/2023
Userspace RCU Developer 02/02/2023



04:12 PM Userspace RCU Revision ae5712d1 (userspace-rcu): uatomic/x86: Remove redundant memory barriers
When liburcu is configured to _not_ use atomic builtins, the
implementation of atomic operations is done using inline...
Olivier Dion


04:16 PM LTTng-UST Revision 2e8e9740 (lttng-ust): ust-tracepoint-event: Add static check of sequences length type
Enforce required unsigned type for length of sequence at compile time.
Change-Id: Ia8668a80eb0c0b81e8c03b208d7581e34...
Olivier Dion
03:14 PM LTTng-UST Revision 7aa0de34 (lttng-ust): lttng-ust(3): Fix wrong len_type for sequence
`len_type' of a sequence field must be of type unsigned integer. Some
provided examples in the man page were incorrec...
Olivier Dion


11:20 AM LTTng-tools Feature #1349 (Resolved): Add '--all' to lttng start
Olivier Dion
11:19 AM LTTng-tools Feature #1349: Add '--all' to lttng start
Added in eaa8ef76a52ba21e42d7d95355af72ff3a85a116 Olivier Dion


03:45 PM Babeltrace Revision 10ba5f69 (babeltrace): tests: add `src.ctf.fs` single field testing framework
This patch adds a framework to test the decoding of single CTF 1.8
fields by a `src.ctf.fs` component.
Single CTF 1....
Olivier Dion


12:14 PM Userspace RCU Revision 54bb03ca (userspace-rcu): rcutorture: Check histogram of ages
Ensure that the histogram of ages for all threads are valid after a stress test.
Change-Id: Iadc46f47fe8835ac0e2d896...
Olivier Dion


03:34 PM LTTng-tools Revision ef4a570d (lttng-tools): utils: Allow users to define LTTNG_MANPATH
Currently, the configured value `MANPATH` is used when executing `man`.
This forces `lttng --help` to use man pages w...
Olivier Dion
02:08 PM LTTng-tools Revision 46d51dbd (lttng-tools): doc/man/Makefile: Mimic mandb(5) path hierarchy
The following allows developers to read locally generated man pages by
using the `pre-inst-env' script. For example:
Olivier Dion
11:23 AM Userspace RCU Revision 46980605 (userspace-rcu): urcu/uatomic/riscv: Mark RISC-V as broken
Implementations of some atomic operations of GCC for RISC-V are
insufficient for sequential consistency. For this rea...
Olivier Dion

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