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LTTng-CI Manager 11/29/2017
LTTng-modules Manager 04/13/2015
LTTng-tools Manager, Developer 04/13/2015
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11:11 AM LTTng-UST Revision e7bf4968 (lttng-ust): Fix: python agent: 'time' has no attribute 'clock'
The time.clock() function was removed in python 3.8 and is marked as
deprecated since python 3.3. See PEP 418 for mor...
Jonathan Rajotte Julien


03:45 PM LTTng-tools Revision 88ebf5a7 (lttng-tools): Fix: consumer: dangling chunk on buffer allocation failure
Observed issue
Using docker the /dev/shm mount size is 64 MB by default. On system
with many threads ...
Jonathan Rajotte Julien


05:57 PM LTTng-tools Revision d9b063d7 (lttng-tools): Fix: invalid discarded events on start/stop without event production
Observed issue
On consecutive start/stop command sequence the reported discarded event
count is N * C...
Jonathan Rajotte Julien
05:57 PM LTTng-tools Revision dbbc5b0a (lttng-tools): tests: truncate metadata file for regenerate metadata test
Truncating the metadata file ensure that we test the effect of the
regenerate metadata command. Otherwise we simply t...
Jonathan Rajotte Julien


06:16 PM LTTng-tools Revision 10615eee (lttng-tools): actions: Expose lttng_action_type_string internally
This will ease debugging output on the action handling code.
Change-Id: I81b6faf5bb8b5082edcf3895ea88c8690572475a
Jonathan Rajotte Julien
02:31 PM LTTng-tools Revision 4a76dfd3 (lttng-tools): Clean-up: replace space by tabs
Signed-off-by: Jonathan Rajotte <>
Signed-off-by: Jérémie Galarneau <jeremie.gala...
Jonathan Rajotte Julien
11:26 AM LTTng-tools Revision 81665716 (lttng-tools): Fix: tests: output_dir contains the consumerd pipe
Prevents failure on teardown. Otherwise, testpoint fails when removing
the consumerd pipe.
Signed-off-by: Jonathan R...
Jonathan Rajotte Julien


04:34 PM LTTng-tools Revision b30fa191 (lttng-tools): liblttng-ctl: add facilities for lttng_snapshot_output object
is_equal, serialize, validate, from_buffer.
set_local_path, set_network_url set_network_urls
Jonathan Rajotte Julien
01:49 PM LTTng-tools Revision 3dd04a6a (lttng-tools): actions: implement is_equal
Signed-off-by: Jonathan Rajotte <>
Change-Id: I9272253202cfd0d6b6fb165293a534a824...
Jonathan Rajotte Julien


04:40 PM LTTng-tools Revision 14ec7e87 (lttng-tools): Clean-up: sort includes per clang format in action.c
Signed-off-by: Jonathan Rajotte <>
Change-Id: I1dd53d6c7a6e561d4537ba483f38e1ac2a...
Jonathan Rajotte Julien

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