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02:39 PM LTTng Bug #1195 (Needs feedback): Userspace tracing issue
We do not support android out of the box.
Please provide all steps you took to compile for android, custom ...
Jonathan Rajotte Julien


06:00 PM Babeltrace Revision 00f637fd (babeltrace): bt_uuid_compare: return actual comparison
Previous implementation resulted in non-equal uuid_a being flagged as
smaller than uuid_b even when it was actually b...
Jonathan Rajotte Julien
06:00 PM Babeltrace Revision 4a543d06 (babeltrace): sink.ctf.fs: isa_length is now architecture_bit_width
Signed-off-by: Jonathan Rajotte <>
Change-Id: I30cac20017f7508ed170b936a7b90ebc29...
Jonathan Rajotte Julien
06:00 PM Babeltrace Revision 1d314141 (babeltrace): src.ctf.lttng-live: consider youngest only when timestamp is smaller
When the timestamps are equals perform further comparison.
Signed-off-by: Jonathan Rajotte <jonathan.rajotte-julien@...
Jonathan Rajotte Julien
06:00 PM Babeltrace Revision ccad54e5 (babeltrace): Use uuid as first comparison criteria
This is most important in the message ordering reproducibility against
multiple sources where some might populate the...
Jonathan Rajotte Julien


04:29 PM LTTng-modules Revision 1c88f269 (lttng-modules): Introduce LTTNG_KERNEL_SESSION_SET_CREATION_TIME
Add trace_creation_datetime to the metadata env field
This allows a viewer to get more information regarding the cre...
Jonathan Rajotte Julien
04:29 PM LTTng-modules Revision 3eb95be4 (lttng-modules): Add metadata env fields
Add the following fields:
- tracer_buffering_scheme
The buffering scheme used by the tracer. lttng-modules s...
Jonathan Rajotte Julien
04:29 PM LTTng-modules Revision 7f859fbf (lttng-modules): Introduce LTTNG_KERNEL_SESSION_SET_NAME
The tracer controller (lttng-sessiond) can now inform the kernel tracer
of the name of the created session. This will...
Jonathan Rajotte Julien


05:19 PM Babeltrace Revision df0fc0bf (babeltrace): `ctf` plugins: port: cast to intmax_t all off_t variables when printing
This patch fixes new sites since the following commit:
commit 1974687e6b7a08d8383a4a5c75265d0ed3b8c5c9
Author: M...
Jonathan Rajotte Julien


09:01 AM Babeltrace Revision e2bd7d40 (babeltrace): `ctf` plugin: Use CTF_BYTE_ORDER_UNKNOWN in place of -1
Seen on clang-3.9, 4.0 and clang-1001.0.46.4.
Comparison of constant -1 with expression of type 'enum *****'
is ...
Jonathan Rajotte Julien

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