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10:55 AM Babeltrace Bug #992 (Invalid): Packet Context end time before start time
In a 32 bit system, setting up rolling traces in UST on lttng 2.7 makes end times of packet contexts appear BEFORE th... Matthew Khouzam


09:17 PM LTTng Bug #945: Running cyclictest with lttng
It is possible that the problem is therefore with the packaging of LTTng in Ubuntu. Even though 2.4 is not supported,... Matthew Khouzam
04:38 PM LTTng Bug #945: Running cyclictest with lttng
Jérémie Galarneau wrote:
> LTTng 2.4 has been unsupported for a while. Does it happen with LTTng 2.7.0?
2.7.0 works...
Matthew Khouzam


03:43 PM LTTng-modules Bug #947 (Resolved): Event address fields should be hexadecimal (base 16)
In lttng 2.7 timer_hrtimer_start has a field named "function" which has an address, this should be a base 16 integer ... Matthew Khouzam
01:32 PM LTTng Bug #946 (New): LTTng trace splice size could be opitimized
I was tracing and noticed that lttng in splice time takes approx 40% of it's time in "wait for CPU" since it is swapp... Matthew Khouzam
01:27 PM LTTng Bug #945 (Feedback): Running cyclictest with lttng
This may be a user issue, but I spent most of sunday trying to get this to work.
Intel core2 duo 5200 ...
Matthew Khouzam
01:19 PM LTTng Bug #944 (Resolved): LTTng Kernel tracing does not work with Ubuntu PPAs in trusty
Trusty's stable ppa has kernel modules v2.7 and everything else that's 2.6. It does not allow kernel tracing.
The n...
Matthew Khouzam

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