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12:27 PM LTTng Bug #798: Codename version 2.6
My vote goes for either "Gaia" or "Grisette" which are both fantastic beers and cool names!
2.5 was Dieu Du Ciel s...
David Goulet
12:00 PM LTTng-tools Bug #845 (Resolved): lttng-sessiond crashes when a perf:thread:* context is added to a kernel channel
Applied in changeset tools|commit:7b9445b31fd5fcf3db1e3a7c9d7f5b793308641c. David Goulet


12:00 PM LTTng-tools Bug #844 (Resolved): lttng-sessiond error on syscall list when unable to load kernel tracer
Applied in changeset tools|commit:89588270089b3c4ae5ef4291cdd87960e5d3d297. David Goulet


02:16 PM LTTng-tools Bug #833 (Confirmed): memcpy of non-packed struct into packed struct (possible layout mismatch)
We need helper functions to copy field by field depending on the union type also. David Goulet
01:56 PM LTTng-tools Bug #835 (Resolved): lttng load --list-options and lttng save --list-options incorrectly report an error
Applied in changeset tools|commit:13a810d5e44e4e8e5ce4c1a36456cd0e394d36c2. David Goulet


10:34 AM LTTng-tools Feature #836 (Confirmed): List of events (lttng list) presents usability problems
David Goulet
10:33 AM LTTng-tools Feature #839 (Confirmed): Split manpage of lttng command
David Goulet


12:40 PM LTTng Bug #840: test
test David Goulet
12:39 PM LTTng-tools Bug #832: Phony bug for testing
test David Goulet


11:10 AM LTTng-tools Feature #836: List of events (lttng list) presents usability problems
This is a limitation. You can enable multiple events with filters and loglevel but when disabling you can only use a ... David Goulet

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