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07:58 PM Babeltrace Bug #1121 (New): Babeltrace 2.0-pre reports negative timestamp with ctf-writer traces
I am trying to read the following two traces with Babeltrace 2:


06:43 PM Babeltrace Bug #1079 (New): BT 2.0 tries to load duplicate plugins in .so and .la formats
If installing Babeltrace 2.0 via a `make install`, the plugins directory in /usr/local/lib/babeltrace/plugins will co...


11:02 PM LTTng-tools Bug #1070 (Resolved): MI's XSD limits trace path to 255 characters
The trace path uses a "name_type" type, which is limited to 255 characters:
(from mi-lttng-3.0.xsd)...


05:08 PM LTTng-UST Bug #1053: lttng-ust doesn't build on Ubuntu 12.04
@linux/perf_event.h@ is part of the linux-headers package. I guess many users will have kernel headers installed if t...


02:38 PM Babeltrace Feature #1045: Wire up debug info on lttng_ust_cyg_profile event fields
Just to clarify, since this could apply to Trace Compass too: currently the debug-info analysis needs both the @ip@ a...


04:20 PM LTTng Bug #1038: Enabling all events for the JUL domain, while having disabled events
What do you mean by "while having events that are disabled"? I tried disabling events in advance and it doesn't seem ...


06:15 PM LTTng-tools Feature #1008 (Resolved): MI interface should advertise its own version number
It would be useful to have a version number for the MI interface itself, distinct from the LTTng version. This would ...


02:59 PM LTTng Bug #944: LTTng Kernel tracing does not work with Ubuntu PPAs in trusty
Michael, who is also taking care of the Debian packaging, will look into it.


05:58 PM LTTng-UST Bug #933: Cannot list Java events
Here's patch to fix the problem. It's based on top of though, I will wait ...
01:50 PM LTTng-tools Feature #894: Cannot enable channel for JUL (-j) or Log4j (-l) domains
Something I forgot to mention in the original report, this means that we have to enable at least one event before we ...

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