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04:08 PM Babeltrace Bug #1254 (New): Trace with non-monotonic clocks make babeltrace2 abort
The trace as attachment here:
... and the trace here: h...
Simon Marchi


11:15 PM LTTng-tools Bug #1248 (New): filter-parser.y creates creates wrong ast for `hello[1][2]`
When parsing the expression @hello[1][2]@, the filter parser creates a node representing the @[1]@, but not one for t... Simon Marchi


05:43 PM LTTng-tools Bug #1246 (New): --filter expression parser accepts foo[bar]
According to the doc, it is only possible to access arrays elements using positive literal integer numbers. However,... Simon Marchi


03:44 PM Babeltrace Bug #1240: Can't write plugins solely with `--enable-python-plugins`
I would suggest that using --enable-python-plugins automatically enables the python bindings, as long as --disable-py... Simon Marchi


04:49 PM Babeltrace Feature #1233 (New): Python: Add __str__ to Message types, and perhaps other types
Example use case: I assume that when implementing a sink, people will print() the messages they receive at first. It... Simon Marchi
04:14 PM Babeltrace Bug #1228 (New): calling seek to beginning after seek to ns from origin
I haven't tried, but from my understanding of the message iterator, this sequence should trigger a bug:
1. seek an...
Simon Marchi
04:11 PM Babeltrace Bug #1227 (New): cli: Error when using --clock-cycles and -c sink.text.pretty at the same time
When using both @--clock-cycles@ and @-c sink.text.pretty@ at the same time, the cli tries to instantiate two pretty ... Simon Marchi
04:10 PM Babeltrace Feature #1226 (New): Allow making graph execution more "event-based"
Currently, when using the lttng-live source component class, the source component will return TRY_AGAIN if it has no ... Simon Marchi
04:03 PM Babeltrace Bug #1223 (New): Check for cmp and diff in configure
Seen somewhere in the configure output of babeltrace on a fresh centos 8 container:... Simon Marchi
01:51 PM Babeltrace Bug #1220 (New): filter.utils.trimmer component does not support streams without packets
When trying to use a trimmer component with a stream that does not have packets, we get:... Simon Marchi

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