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Common Trace Format Manager, Developer 06/05/2012
LTTng Manager 02/10/2012
Babeltrace Manager, Developer 02/10/2012
LTTng-CI Manager 11/29/2017
LTTng-modules Manager, Developer 02/10/2012
LTTng-tools Manager, Developer 02/10/2012
LTTng-UST Manager, Developer 02/10/2012
LTTngTop Manager 02/21/2012
Userspace RCU Manager, Developer 02/10/2012
Website Manager 02/10/2012



01:49 PM Babeltrace Bug #1299 (New): babeltrace2 re-uses prior event string rather than expected empty string
Trying to reproduce the page fault scenario for an openat() event. Note that the behavior of generating a page fault ... Mathieu Desnoyers


01:15 PM LTTng-modules Revision 966ad253 (lttng-modules): Fix: memory leaks on event destroy
Both filter runtime and event enabler ref objects are owned by the
event, but are not freed upon destruction of the e...
Mathieu Desnoyers
01:15 PM LTTng-modules Revision 3ef5cc03 (lttng-modules): Fix: memory leaks on event notifier destroy
Both filter runtime and event enabler ref objects are owned by the
event notifier, but are not freed upon destruction...
Mathieu Desnoyers


12:40 PM LTTng-UST Revision ba702529 (lttng-ust): Fix: uninitialized variable in lib_ring_buffer_channel_switch_timer_start
Found by Coverity:
** CID 1447027: Uninitialized variables (UNINIT)
/libringbuffer/ring_buffer_frontend.c: 810 in l...
Mathieu Desnoyers
12:36 PM LTTng-UST Revision 49cde654 (lttng-ust): Fix: "Cleanup: clarify bytecode ownership"
The function lttng_event_notifier_enabler_attach_capture_bytecode
have also been adapted to this change.
Mathieu Desnoyers


12:10 PM LTTng-UST Bug #1286 (Resolved): session daemon should validate credentials received from application (lttng-ust)
Applied in changeset commit:lttng-ust|a834901f2890deadb815d7f9e3ab79c3ba673994. Mathieu Desnoyers
12:07 PM LTTng-UST Revision a834901f (lttng-ust): Fix: Use unix socket peercred for pid, uid, gid credentials
Currently, the session daemon trust the pid, ppid, uid, and gid values
passed by the application, but should really v...
Mathieu Desnoyers
10:23 AM LTTng-UST Revision b2464536 (lttng-ust): Cleanup: Remove deprecated symbols following soname major version bump
Signed-off-by: Mathieu Desnoyers <>
Change-Id: I7a468395c11c1c5dfb83ef4bd16e9c38413415c5
Mathieu Desnoyers
10:23 AM LTTng-UST Revision ae14f822 (lttng-ust): Remove backward compatibility for liburcu-bp
Now that the soname is bumped, there is no backward compatibility to
keep for tracepoint call sites using liburcu-bp ...
Mathieu Desnoyers
10:23 AM LTTng-UST Revision f12e2acb (lttng-ust): Remove unused deprecated and backward compatibility fields
Signed-off-by: Mathieu Desnoyers <>
Change-Id: Ia062e1ba58770905e053d6fc01a9800b3f162e70
Mathieu Desnoyers

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