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Common Trace Format Manager, Developer 06/05/2012
LTTng Manager 02/09/2012
Babeltrace Manager, Developer 02/09/2012
LTTng-CI Manager 11/29/2017
LTTng-modules Manager, Developer 02/09/2012
LTTng-tools Manager, Developer 02/09/2012
LTTng-UST Manager, Developer 02/09/2012
LTTngTop Manager 02/21/2012
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02:51 PM LTTng-UST Revision 1f8a8ec9 (lttng-ust): Documentation: clarify API backward compatibility comment
Considering that the ABI (soname major version) and API version can
evolve independently in the future, remove refere...
Mathieu Desnoyers


01:33 PM LTTng-UST Bug #1320: Assert in lttng-ring-buffer-client.h:437: client_buffer_begin()
Can you reproduce given the same configuration or it was a one-time thing ?
Also, can you tell us more about the e...
Mathieu Desnoyers


02:03 PM Userspace RCU Revision 13bf2f57 (userspace-rcu): Fix: x86 and s390: uatomic __hp() macro C++ support
C++ does not allow defining types in cast. Therefore, define the types
with typedef and use them in the __hp() macro....
Mathieu Desnoyers


08:04 PM Userspace RCU Revision 71323499 (userspace-rcu): Fix: x86 and s390: uatomic __hp() macro clang support
The __hp macro should receive contant size arguments to support clang,
which does not implement VLA support.
Mathieu Desnoyers
07:43 PM Userspace RCU Revision 835b9ab3 (userspace-rcu): Fix: x86 and s390 uatomic: __hp() macro warning with gcc 11
The __hp() macro used in the x86 and s390 uatomic code generates the
following warning with gcc-11:
In file included...
Mathieu Desnoyers


06:33 PM LTTng-UST Bug #1310 (Resolved): Update man pages for API 1
Mathieu Desnoyers


12:47 PM LTTng-UST Revision 2268c76f (lttng-ust): Remove vtracelog and vtracef from v0 compat API
vtracelog and vtracef were introduced between lttng-ust 2.12 and 2.13
(not released yet). They are replaced by lttng_...
Mathieu Desnoyers


04:49 PM Userspace RCU Revision 6558e7a3 (userspace-rcu): Version 0.13.0
Signed-off-by: Mathieu Desnoyers <>
Change-Id: If88881cebb1d64b2669da0edc59e483dedc9d6b7
Mathieu Desnoyers
02:40 PM Userspace RCU Revision 43f53c96 (userspace-rcu): Document known ABI issue in
Signed-off-by: Mathieu Desnoyers <>
Change-Id: Ic4bc9273eb63e051eb1da122bee4f99a8eefafd3
Mathieu Desnoyers


05:30 PM LTTng-tools Revision 63e9caa2 (lttng-tools): Fix: consumer: unbalanced RCU read-side lock on error
Signed-off-by: Mathieu Desnoyers <>
Signed-off-by: Jérémie Galarneau <jeremie.galarneau...
Mathieu Desnoyers

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