Mathieu Desnoyers





05:44 PM LTTng-modules Revision 68045fad (lttng-modules): Fix: do not set quiescent state on channel destroy
Setting the quiescent state to true for each stream at channel
destruction is not useful: there are no readers left a...
Mathieu Desnoyers


01:47 PM Babeltrace Revision 3622ef51 (babeltrace): Cleanup: test_bitfield: nr_bits should be unsigned
Should not have any effect on the code behavior, but removes
useless type conversions between unsigned and signed typ...
Mathieu Desnoyers


03:09 PM Userspace RCU Revision 4104b71f (userspace-rcu): Cleanup: test_perthreadlock_timing: handle pthread mutex errors
Found by Coverity:
CID 1357055 (#1 of 1): Unchecked return value (CHECKED_RETURN)
4. check_return: Calling pthread_mu...
Mathieu Desnoyers
02:59 PM LTTng-modules Revision b1ad8713 (lttng-modules): Fix: ring_buffer_frontend.c: init read timer with uninitialized flags
For the config->alloc RING_BUFFER_ALLOC_GLOBAL (metadata channel), the
read timer flags argument is uninitialized.
Mathieu Desnoyers
02:36 PM LTTng-UST Revision 3e1db88d (lttng-ust): Fix: client_sequence_number may dereference NULL pointer
Found by Coverity:
CID 1400710 (#1 of 1): Dereference null return value (NULL_RETURNS)
3. dereference: Dereferencing ...
Mathieu Desnoyers


04:50 PM Babeltrace Revision 9d9b332b (babeltrace): Fix: test_bitfield: extend coverage: 0-len signed write/read
By convention, a 0-len bitfield write is a no-op, and a 0-len read
sets the value of the output to 0.
So we can "enc...
Mathieu Desnoyers
04:50 PM Babeltrace Revision 09650ea1 (babeltrace): Fix: test_bitfield: extend coverage by removing off-by-one in bound check
Signed-off-by: Mathieu Desnoyers <>
Change-Id: I4fbf927d4b2ff1c8b68b05c7843298c64b68f5a...
Mathieu Desnoyers


12:46 PM Userspace RCU Bug #1186: Build error: "CPU_SET" redefined
I've cleaned up this particular instance of unused variable because it was within a check code implemented within urc... Mathieu Desnoyers
12:38 PM Userspace RCU Revision 5bed6565 (userspace-rcu): Cleanup: remove unused variable from check
Signed-off-by: Mathieu Desnoyers <> Mathieu Desnoyers
12:00 PM Userspace RCU Bug #1187 (Resolved): urcu/futex.h uses struct timespec, does not include time.h
Applied in changeset commit:userspace-rcu|6a29bfc1b6d5d57c4dbd8811a5229cf993e5fa65. Mathieu Desnoyers

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