Mathieu Desnoyers





12:24 PM LTTng-modules Revision 155b8d9b (lttng-modules): Fix: mmap: caches aliased on virtual addresses
Some architectures (e.g. implementations of arm64) implement their
caches based on the virtual addresses (rather than...


04:40 PM Userspace RCU Revision 64478021 (userspace-rcu): Fix: don't use membarrier SHARED syscall command in liburcu-bp
One main user of liburcu-bp (lttng-ust) invokes synchronize_rcu()
repeatedly, without batching (does not use call_rcu...


03:27 PM LTTng-UST Revision d0f6cf57 (lttng-ust): Fix: move fsync after ftruncate
Move fsync after ftruncate to ensure we sync up all metadata after the
entire initialization of the buffer.
03:17 PM LTTng-UST Revision 429dadf0 (lttng-ust): Fix: sync buffer file metadata on buffer allocation
Synchronizing the file metadata on disk after zeroing the whole file (on
buffer allocation) will make the crash extra...


10:06 PM Babeltrace Revision 9a75ec7b (babeltrace): Fix: overflowed return value
Found by Coverity (attempt to fix, unsure it will convince Coverity of
the holiness of our code):
2. overflow: Subtr...
10:06 PM Babeltrace Revision ee07b1e9 (babeltrace): Fix: attempt to fix improper use of negative value
Found by Coverity, unsure that the fix will make it happy:
CID 1376189 (#1 of 1): Improper use of negative value
10:06 PM Babeltrace Revision 6c711b23 (babeltrace): Fix: add missing overflow check in bt_ctf_stream_pos_access_ok
Found by Coverity:
2. overflow: Subtract operation overflows on operands bit_offset and 1UL.
CID 1377278 (#1 of 1):...
10:05 PM Babeltrace Revision f01de2ae (babeltrace): Fix: uninitialized return value on error
Found by Coverity:
CID 1379248 (#1 of 1): Uninitialized scalar variable (UNINIT).
uninit_use: Using uninitialized va...
10:04 PM Babeltrace Revision 83ef3205 (babeltrace): Fix: handle unknown enum mapping
Found by Coverity:
At condition nr_mappings, the value of nr_mappings must be at least 1.
The condition !nr_mappings...
10:04 PM Babeltrace Revision 36ede12a (babeltrace): Cleanup: no need to check for NULL before g_free
Signed-off-by: Mathieu Desnoyers <>
Signed-off-by: Jérémie Galarneau <jeremie.galarneau...

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