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Assert in emit_inactivity_message

Added by Sergei Dyshel about 1 month ago. Updated 18 days ago.

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While using babeltrace 2.0.3 with lttng-live (latest lttng version) we encountered the following assert:

(gdb) bt
#0  0x00007f9023fc3495 in raise () from /lib64/
#1  0x00007f9023fc4c75 in abort () from /lib64/
#2  0x00007f902391d8d3 in bt_common_abort () at common.c:2111
#3  0x00007f902391b9ff in bt_common_assert_failed (file=0x7f9023921495 "lttng-live.c", line=613, func=0x7f902393f500 <__func__.17246> "emit_inactivity_message", assertion=0x7f9023931c70 "stream_iter->trace->clock_class")
    at assert.c:40
#4  0x00007f902390be67 in emit_inactivity_message (stream_iter=0x472100, timestamp=<optimized out>, message=0x7ffe76aa8d98, lttng_live_msg_iter=0x471810) at lttng-live.c:613
#5  lttng_live_iterator_next_handle_one_quiescent_stream (message=0x7ffe76aa8d98, lttng_live_stream=0x472100, lttng_live_msg_iter=0x471810) at lttng-live.c:653
#6  lttng_live_iterator_next_msg_on_stream (curr_msg=0x7ffe76aa8d98, stream_iter=0x472100, lttng_live_msg_iter=0x471810) at lttng-live.c:961
#7  next_stream_iterator_for_trace (live_trace=0x4721a0, live_trace=0x4721a0, youngest_trace_stream_iter=<synthetic pointer>, lttng_live_msg_iter=0x471810) at lttng-live.c:1093
#8  next_stream_iterator_for_session (youngest_session_stream_iter=<synthetic pointer>, session=0x471d70, lttng_live_msg_iter=0x471810) at lttng-live.c:1325
#9  lttng_live_msg_iter_next (self_msg_it=<optimized out>, msgs=0x471780, capacity=15, count=0x7ffe76aa8ee8) at lttng-live.c:1518
#10 0x00007f90247031e2 in call_iterator_next_method (capacity=15, user_count=0x7ffe76aa8ee8, msgs=0x471780, iterator=0x4716a0) at iterator.c:803
#11 bt_message_iterator_next (iterator=0x4716a0, msgs=msgs@entry=0x7ffe76aa8ee0, user_count=user_count@entry=0x7ffe76aa8ee8) at iterator.c:859
#12 0x00007f90238841e9 in muxer_upstream_msg_iter_next (is_ended=<synthetic pointer>, muxer_upstream_msg_iter=0x471fc0) at muxer.c:399
#13 validate_muxer_upstream_msg_iter (is_ended=<synthetic pointer>, muxer_upstream_msg_iter=0x471fc0) at muxer.c:958
#14 validate_muxer_upstream_msg_iters (muxer_msg_iter=0x471650) at muxer.c:985
#15 muxer_msg_iter_do_next_one (msg=0x449850, muxer_msg_iter=0x471650, muxer_comp=0x4524f0) at muxer.c:1048
#16 muxer_msg_iter_do_next (count=0x7ffe76aa8f70, capacity=15, msgs=0x449850, muxer_msg_iter=0x471650, muxer_comp=0x4524f0) at muxer.c:1132
#17 muxer_msg_iter_next (self_msg_iter=0x471570, msgs=0x449850, capacity=15, count=0x7ffe76aa8f70) at muxer.c:1414
#18 0x00007f90247031e2 in call_iterator_next_method (capacity=15, user_count=0x7ffe76aa8f70, msgs=0x449850, iterator=0x471570) at iterator.c:803
#19 bt_message_iterator_next (iterator=0x471570, msgs=msgs@entry=0x7ffe76aa8f78, user_count=user_count@entry=0x7ffe76aa8f70) at iterator.c:859
#20 0x00007f9023821514 in bx_view_consume (comp=0x43a7d0) at traces//babeltrace-plugin/
#21 0x00007f90246ff3d8 in consume_graph_sink (comp=0x43a7d0) at graph.c:447
#22 consume_sink_node (graph=0x43b7d0, node=0x442e00) at graph.c:491
#23 consume_no_check (api_func=<synthetic pointer>, graph=0x43b7d0) at graph.c:566
#24 bt_graph_run (graph=0x43b7d0) at graph.c:710
#25 0x0000000000408a81 in cmd_run (cfg=0x451eb0) at babeltrace2.c:2485
#26 main (argc=<optimized out>, argv=<optimized out>) at babeltrace2.c:2673

I did initial prints in gdb to see that this is not some kind of obvious memory corruption:

(gdb) p stream_iter->trace
$1 = (struct lttng_live_trace *) 0x4721a0
(gdb) p stream_iter->trace->clock_class
$2 = (const bt_clock_class *) 0x0
(gdb) p stream_iter->trace[0]
$3 = {log_level = BT_LOGGING_LEVEL_WARNING, self_comp = 0x43c050, session = 0x471d70, id = 1, trace = 0x66fc30,
  trace_class = 0x66bef0, metadata = 0x66bb00, clock_class = 0x0, stream_iterators = 0x442d20,
(gdb) p stream_iter->trace->trace_class
$4 = (bt_trace_class *) 0x66bef0
(gdb) p stream_iter->trace->trace_class->stream_classes
$5 = (GPtrArray *) 0x43a4a0
(gdb) p stream_iter->trace->trace_class->stream_classes->len
$6 = 0

Unfortunately I can't attach the coredump here but I can provide any relevant information from it.

Actions #1

Updated by Jonathan Rajotte Julien about 1 month ago

  • Description updated (diff)


Is there any error messages on lttng-relayd or lttng-sessiond side?

Could you provide us with a bit more context on how the tracing session is configured?

Is "lttng clear" used?


Actions #2

Updated by Sergei Dyshel about 1 month ago

No other error messages.

babeltrace2 crashed several times until our monitoring script detected it and restarted the whole chain of lttng-sessiond/relayd/babeltrace2.

We're using LTTNG framework for continuous low-latency tracing, i.e. our service constantly emits traces which are then processed live
by our babeltrace2 plugin.

The session is created with these commands:

lttng create XXX --live
lttng enable-channel channel0 -u -s XXX --subbuf-size 1M --num-subbuf 8 --overwrite --tracefile-size 104857600 --tracefile-count 3
lttng enable-event 'XXX_*' -u -s XXX -c channel0
lttng add-context -u -t vpid -t vtid -s XXX -c channel0
lttng start XXX

relayd runs with this command:

lttng-relayd --output /var/log/lttng-XXX/live

babeltrace2 runs with:

babeltrace2 lttng-live net://localhost/host/DIRECTORY/XXX --component XXX:sink.XXX.view --log-level WARN

Actions #3

Updated by Jonathan Rajotte Julien about 1 month ago

Do you see any pattern for when the error occurs? (i.e tracing is ok for over 2 hours etc, only happens on hooking babeltrace2 and happens 1 time in a 100 etc.)

That could help us pinpoint the problem.

Actions #4

Updated by Sergei Dyshel 18 days ago

No pattern, the error happened only once.


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